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Teach for Change

The “Teach for Change” program aims to support Vietnamese Women in Business with a focus on those who work in English education.

We do it by providing female-led English centers with:

  • Business training: Cross Culture Communication, Marketing, Customer Services, HR management, Supervision & Leadership; Government relations;
  • Business Networking: Closed working group, Coaching & mentoring;
  • Integrated Human Resourcing: Onboarding & Foundations; Growth and Empowerment, Offboarding & Exiting;

We are inspired by and value our real case studies, the honest and inspiring stories from Vietnamese women at all stages of their entrepreneurial and leader journey. We aim to change the fate of Vietnamese women in the field of education, which will improve the condition of our country for generations to come.


To improve and expand English language education in Vietnam, and plant the seeds of linguistic and cultural understanding that will set students on a path toward diplomacy and success in international business.


To serve low-income urban and rural families through low-cost, accessible English classes and other educational enhancement and literacy programs, thus shortening the gaps between rich and poor students of the city and the countryside.

Teach for Change operates by hiring fresh graduates from Western countries and training them by providing them with the necessary information and support to work or volunteer in Vietnam. With a strong network made up of international workers and volunteers, TFC aims to be successful in all of its programs and provide the best quality service to our partner schools in Vietnam, and to our teachers and students in all of their endeavors.

The Empowerment Plan

The Empowerment Plan aims to support Disadvantaged Vietnamese Women, with a focus on single mothers, especially those who are victims of domestic violence and/or teenagers who are unexpectedly pregnant.

For these victims, we are a bridge from crisis to stability and self-sufficiency. With one house in Hanoi and another house in Ho Chi Minh City to shelter single mothers, as well as an online community with 90k members (as of September 2017) through which women can find networks of support, we offer a variety of services intended to prepare single mothers and their children for positive, productive futures; these services include but are not limited to:

  • Online self-help group support: Composed of peers who share a similar mental, emotional, or physical problem, or who are interested in a focal issue, such as education or parenting, etc.
  • Free Vocational training: 2 offline workshops are organized monthly for any single mothers who want to learn crafts such as knitting, crocheting, making paper flowers, and more as art therapy at our Tay Ho house in Hanoi.
  • Free English class: Single mothers or their kids are given free English lessons from international Volunteers.
  • Job placement: With our strong national network of Social Enterprise, we connect single mothers with our various business partners, help them prepare for job interviews, and provide them with favorable references.


To provide a comprehensive support mechanism for vulnerable single mothers so that they can re-establish themselves as functional and valued members of society.

The aim of the program is to support, empower, and encourage those vulnerable women to find meaning and a positive identity as they move forward with their lives; as well as increase their employability, confidence, and independence so that these women can go on to provide financially for themselves and their children in the future. By helping single mothers, we hope to give their children a chance to grow up in a safe, stable, and healthy home and, ultimately, overcome poverty. 

About C4C

“Coins for Change” (C4C) is a Social Enterprise run by women for the purpose of promoting equal rights and social justice for women and children in Vietnam.

Officially established in December 2015, C4C now offers a wide range of services related to cultural exchange and business within Vietnam. Among our activities is providing guidance and support to qualified applicants in obtaining a professional teaching or volunteer teaching position in Vietnam. Through this, we aim to help our participants gain the necessary expertise to further develop their careers.

We organize our activities in collaboration with our female-led English centers in Vietnam. With our extensive international network and years of experience in Vietnam, we are able to offer excellent support to ensure that the women who work with us are successful in running their businesses.

With that profit it makes, C4C aims to support disadvantaged women, especially single mothers in Vietnam, by aiding them through a holistic approach that includes support from an expansive online network, free vocational training, job placement, and free English classes for their children.

By running two paralleled programs, we aspire to transform lives through education, leadership, economic empowerment, and integration. Thanks to the great support from international partners, volunteers, and donors, each woman and child at C4C can receive the help they need to be successful in their endeavors.

Our experienced and dedicated team at C4C looks forward to working with you to create a better future for Vietnam.

Hong Tang
Managing Director

As the managing director, I am responsible for expanding both the European and the Vietnamese market as well as taking care of our program candidates at each stage of the procedure.

With my working history and Vietnam background, you will be ensured to reach both your business and personal targets as well have a satisfying experience in Vietnam.

Helen Elkins
Manager External Relations

Being the manager of external relations of the Teach for Change program, it is my role to recruit appropriate candidates in native speaking countries. Also, I am in charge of setting up cooperations with relevant partners within the industry.

I have extensive experience in working for cultural exchange companies. It is my goal to reach as many potential English teachers as possible and to inform them about the wonderful opportunities our program has to offer.

Elsa Tran
Program Consultant

As program consultant for the Teach for Change Program, my responsibilities consist of recruiting and interviewing potential candidates for the program. Furthermore, I assist in providing information and answering any questions pertaining to daily life in Vietnam, and the necessary documents required for departure.

Born and grow up in Vietnam and now studying in the US, I hope to share my knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for this beautiful country and to encourage others to take a leap of faith in discovering all that it has to offer.

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