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Clean 4 Change

Clean 4 Change

Vietnam is one of the top ten nations with the worst air pollution in the world according to a study released during this year’s World Economic Forum. Pollution levels exceed dangerous in Ha Noi and HCM city. With the pollution levels increasing at an alarming rate, Vietnam is heading for Gold, as the most polluted nation.

Now is the time to make the change. To teach children about the importance of protecting the environment and how they can make a difference. Coins for Change and Starlight stepped up to the task on independence day weekend and the held a beach cleaning event with an educational session for its pupils and the public. The students learnt how to reduce their carbon footprint and the importance of protecting the ocean.


HCM City’s environmental protection bureaucracy found that 89% of their air quality test showed air quality to be below safe levels. Air pollution is linked to heart disease, strokes, and lung cancer and respiratory infections in children. It is reported that globally there are 7 million premature deaths a year due to air pollution. Without making an active change this number will continue to increase. Today is the day to make a change. Simple changes to lifestyles such as re-using water bottles, recycling waste and using motorbike’s as little as possible, help to reduce the number of harmful chemicals going into the atmosphere.


Air pollution isn’t the only problem. In April 2016 Vietnam saw an unprecedented amount of fish deaths due to hazardous waste being dumped by Taiwanese Formosa Plastics with similar events happening in Thien Quang Lake in September 2014 and in Thanh Hoa in July 2013 . Many of Vietnams rivers are used as sewage sinks and treated as trash cans for factory chemicals. This has an inconceivable impact on futurate generations and the lives of those in the seafood industry . To protect future generations we need a change in attitude towards rivers and the sea, to see it as something we must protect and keep clean.


Teaching younger generations, the future leaders of Vietnam, about these issues gives Vietnam a fighting chance, to improve the quality of air, the health of the public and the economy. Our beach cleaning event may have been small but, it is a start. Starlight hopes to teach schools the impact pollution is having on Vietnam and how the rate of pollution can be slowed down.

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