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First offline psychology session for single mothers in Hai Phong – the 3rd biggest city in Vietnam

First offline psychology session for single mothers in Hai Phong – the 3rd biggest city in Vietnam

After the success of the meeting with single mothers in Ha noi last month, Coins for Change international volunteers with work and education background in Social Work and/or Psychology, have planned, organized and executed a supporting group and meeting with single mothers in Hai Phong province, on the last Sunday of May 2016.


C4C provides single mums and their children with an opportunity for enhancing personal growth, self-confidence and sensitivity towards others by offering an environment for support, friendship and the exchange of parenting techniques.

The aim of these supporting groups is to educating, equipping and empowering mums with resources, practical assistance, emotional encouragement and social networking to better their lives, and those of their children.

The meeting was set up in a private room in a nice café’ in Hai Phong, in a safe, appropriate and comfortable environment, in order to create a good, positive and relaxed atmosphere for about 10 mothers.

The meeting has been a success. We all shared private stories, personal experiences, inner feelings and deep emotions as well as concerns and fears, information and support in getting some specialized help or assistance in order to improve life positively.


The most common concern seemed to be about bringing up children alone, with no financial, psychological and social support from families and previous partner, and dealing with the stigma of being a single mum, in a conservative and traditional society like Vietnam.

The purpose of the support group was to facilitate recovery from traumatic events, for example divorce, any kind of domestic violence, strong family conflicts, by providing an opportunity for members to share their experiences in a safe, supportive and gently challenging environment.


The help took the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting others’ experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks.

We all shared something of special in this meeting. It was so great and formative personal and professional experience. Because after all, being a single mum is difficult and challenging, but it is NOT something bad, something to be ashamed of.

You are not a criminal, You have a special child, one of the most beautiful gift in the world.

You are a Mum, doesn’t matter your marital status. Be Proud of it!

So, I do encourage future volunteers with a background in Social work and/or Psychology to come here in Ha noi, Vietnam, and join C4C in executing these supporting groups and meetings with mothers, in order to support, assist and help in making positive improvements and changes in their lives.

By Carlo Bartolini

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