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Hanoi : A day at Bat Trang village

Hanoi : A day at Bat Trang village

When you come to work as a volunteer, you have the opportunity to see the beauty of Vietnam. Aditya Bhatkal shares with us in this aticle, his best experience in Hanoi  with the visit of the Bat Trang pottery village.

Bat Trang is a traditional porcelain and pottery village, consider as an “must do” if you come around Hanoi. You can buy there daily household products but you can also learn how to do pottery by yourself, an amazing activity to do with kids.

 A day at Bat Trang : Aditya Bhatkal ‘s testimony

First things first. I love this country. But the locals give you as much competition with the love they give you back. From the guys your age (22 and above) to the adults on the bus you gave your seat to.. there’s a feeling of home away from home. But let’s start at the basics.

The Kids!!

As one of the teachers at Coins for Change teaching little kids, the overwhelming experience you get when they run to hug you before the class starts right till the goodbye song.. it’s pretty fulfilling to a human being.

Now imagine the same kids on a field trip! I had the opportunity to assist some of these kids to the Bat Trang pottery village where they make pots right from the shape of a heart to your favourite yellow coloured minion.

We started off in the big car where we sang songs, some Vietnamese and some English. Reminded me of school picnics from over 10 years back. With sounds of ooohhh’s and aaaahh’s filled with wonder we reached the place that made magic from mud. The Bat Trang Pottery village!

Bat Trang Village 1

As we all sat down on the floor a lady walked in with a massive chunk of clay and placed it in our hands. With the innocence of a kid we started the artistic work of Pot making. With funny’ yet surprisingly artistic shapes we all made our version of a pot. Each pot represented a story.. A story of creativity that little kids were teaching us as we worked our way around the clay.

Bat Trang Village 2

With shouts, laughs and few broken pots we then started to paint these pots. By the end we landed up with more paint on our clothes and the walls than on the pots. But that was what this was all about. Having fun ? The magic of summer camps.. Oh the fun of childhood!

But that wasn’t the end of it. We painted walls and wrote our names in each others regional languages. Which languages?

-Italian (Italy)
-Mandaring (China)
-Hindi (India)
-Vietnamese (Vietnam)
-English (The world)

Quite a mix isn’t it?

Learn pottery Bat Trang Village 3

We ended the day with some well-deserved Vietnamese lunch called Bun-Cha. A must try! And the ride back home with little kids sleeping with their heads on our shoulders. But the music hadn’t stopped even then.

It’s good to be a kid again!!

Vietnam C4C Bat Trang Pottery Village 5

Going To Bat Trang


From hanoi, it s very simple to go to Bat Trang village, you can catch the 47 bus at the long Bien station. The bus runs every 20 minutes, and stop you just a few steps from Dong Xuan Market. In Motorbike, you can join Bat Trang in 20 minutes from the center of Hanoi.

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