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Movie sessions to promote global shared values

Movie sessions to promote global shared values

Movie sessions have taken place once a week on Friday at since the beginning of December 2015. The themes chosen varying from a week to another, we suggest them either to teenagers or children, sometimes both.

School in Vietnam rarely encourages the students to have an opinion or question facts and we regularly face with the students a lack of knowledge, curiosity and interest towards their own culture and the world. Education appears often as a way to prevent creativity and reflection from an early age. Movies are then accessible ways to apprehend various subjects and ideas and are always pretexts to dialogues and questions after the screening to deepen their understanding, broaden their ideas and develop their critical mind. The movies approach subjects such as environment, history, social issues, social life, and arts and are always connected to their daily lives, because connected to the present.

Cinema is an art shared by almost all the countries. Ideas and subjects being as diverse as the people, watching a movie is therefore a fantastic opening on cultures, habits and History. Joining our purpose to promote global citizenship, we aim to offer our audience meaningful films from various origins while escaping from the mainstream. In the long term we also wish the students to develop their awareness on images and be able to recognize by themselves the subjectivity and purpose behind each images and movies.

Those sessions have been until now been really successful and have attracted many children and teenagers. The impact seems to be positive and we’ve already have got some interesting comments and reflection.

by Claire Delhumeau

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