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Single mothers support group meeting

Single mothers support group meeting


Life can be challenging for single mothers anywhere in the world, more so for those who are living in poverty.

Vietnam is a very conservative and traditional society where single mothers are considered as a minority group, victims of many types of discriminations. For example, they cannot get any kind of government supports and benefits even if they might have special needs like disability or might have been victims of family violence as well as might have contracted HIV/AIDS.

The issue for single mothers are many in bringing up children alone, contending with the emotional conflicts of divorce, never married, separation and family abuse, often without any type of support from previous partner and families.

C4C volunteers from Europe, with work and education background in Social Work and Psychology, are planning, organizing and executing supporting groups and meetings with single mothers in Ha noi and surroundings.

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Monthly self-help groups and meetings cover different kind of topics, depend on the specific and personal interest of the single mothers.

The main theme of these meetings is the common concern of bringing up children alone, with no financial, psychological and social support from families and previous partner.

Volunteers participate in these support groups and meetings assisting and supporting women in their emotional and mental wellbeing, in order to face different issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress and social exclusion that might arise from challenging and tough life experiences.


Support groups can be especially helpful for sharing ideas, feelings and experiences with other people in the same situation.

Organizing and participating in single mothers meetings is a very interesting professional and personal experience. It is a way to get close each other, expressing emotions, concerns and success with people who had experienced the same situation.


Volunteers create a warm, safe, comfortable and respectful environment, where single mothers can share experiences and learn from other people’ issues and points of view, in order to try to find inner resources and potential and make positive change and improvement in lives.

Well, I do encourage future volunteers with a background in social work and/or psychology to join C4C in developing these groups and meetings with single mothers, in order to empower positive thinking and way of life.

By Carlo Bartolini

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