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A social enterprise run by women for women

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“Coins for Change” (C4C) is a social enterprise run by women for the purpose of promoting equal rights and social justice for women and children in Vietnam.

Officially established in December 2015, C4C now offers a wide range of services related to cultural exchange and business within Vietnam, done through our two programs : The Empowerment Plan and Teach for Change.



Expand English language education & Support women in business 

With our extensive international network and years of experience within Vietnam, we offer business support to Vietnamese businesswomen in the field of education and female-led English centers. In collaboration with these centers, we provide opportunities to international applicants in obtaining a professional teaching or volunteer English teaching position in Vietnam. Through Teach for Change, we aim to help our participants gain the necessary expertise to further develop their careers. With help of our volunteers and teachers, we are able to serve low-income urban and rural families through educational programs and improve and expand English language education in Vietnam.



Encourage and empower vulnerable women

C4C aims to support disadvantaged women from multiple demographics, including single mothers in Vietnam, disabled women, ethnic minority women, domestic violence victims, and more. C4C aids these marginalized groups through a holistic approach that includes support from an expansive online network, free vocational training, job placement, and free English classes for children. With our program, we help these women to re-establish themselves as the valued member of the society.





In the year 2007 in Quỳnh Lưu (a small village in the Nghệ An Province on the North Central coast of Vietnam) a young unmarried woman found herself unexpectedly pregnant and subsequently give birth to a beautiful daughter.

As a result of this (an event she certainly wouldn’t have changed) the young lady and her baby found themselves in the all-too-common situation of being an unsupported (and un-respected) single mother & child in Vietnam. It was at this time where she began personally encountering the numerous challenges, which many single mothers faced back then and still do today.

What this situation had presented to the young single mother was that she simply had 1 of 2 choices to make: Either accept the fact that her life, from now on, would be a life of solitude, a life full of discrimination and a life where her voice would never be heared or to make a change.

Thankfully for her, her daughter and countless single mothers since, she chose the latter.



So as a 26yr old, single mother, Ms.Tang Duyen Hong (Founder and still very active CEO of Coins for Change) began asking the questions which those before her were either often too confused or simply too scared to ask.

In those early years her only cost-effective portal for doing this was a simple, self-published and self-edited blog. Little did Hong know that time, but this “call out” to those in a similar situation ended up becoming the largest online community of single mothers in Vietnam, with confirmed subscriber levels passing the 80,000. This “blog” is still very much active today and can be found at (The title “Mẹ đơn thân’ is Vietnamese for “single mum”)

Because of the incredible work which Hong was carrying out, in 2011 she was approached by a film crew from Germany, who wanted to help “tell her story”. This was produced in a documentary called By Choice or Chance. Since its production, the film has been screened in 37 countries and has been donated to Vietnam Women’s Union and Museum. The hope behind this was to encourage Vietnamese women to stand for their rights and live the life they dream of. Unfortunately, Vietnamese government refused this request. (You can watch the official trailer of the film at


Still, an online support, a self-help group, film and lots of video/articles and awareness campaigns were not enough to change the situation in Vietnam. The hope was seen in education! So, it was after these events that the organisation you see today, known as Coins for Change was created. The incredible story & effort of Ms. Tang Duyen Hong and of volunteers just like you is hiding behind C4C – the organisation that supports women and children in Vietnam.



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