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    What a week – new Blog of Elaine.

    I did not know how to capture this last week in a title! I returned to Thai Binh last Monday, by bus, taking four hours, giving me the opportunity to…

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    CHANGE LIBRARY – Call for support!

    According to the General Statistics Office, in 2011, Vietnam had 14,782,000 students of all levels and the population was 87.84 million. Statistics from the Publication Department as saying that the…

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  • Volunteer's testimony

    Volunteer's Interview : Adi shares his experience

    Last week, I came to town to meet Adi in his hostel before his departure for India, the following day. Adi spent  almost 3 months at Coins for Change in the…

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  • Bat Trang Pottery Village  4

    Hanoi : A day at Bat Trang village

    When you come to work as a volunteer, you have the opportunity to see the beauty of Vietnam. Aditya Bhatkal shares with us in this aticle, his best experience in Hanoi  with the…

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  • ahn

    Inspirational woman : Anh is writing a new chapter

    Anh is a single mom but above all, an inspirational woman who gives us the proof that if you keep fighting you can build the life you dream of. I…

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    Single mothers support group & meeting

    Life can be challenging for single mothers anywhere in the world, more so for those who are living in poverty. Vietnam is a very conservative and traditional society where single…

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  • Movie sessions to promote global shared values

    Movie sessions have taken place once a week on Friday at Languages.vn since the beginning of December 2015. The themes chosen varying from a week to another, we suggest them…

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  • wellness program how to budget

    wellness program : Top tips for baking on a budget 2/2

    This post is a guest post from Joanne Ng Part 2 (read the part one here) of the follow up on our wellness event Let’s talk around a cake on…

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    Clean 4 Change

    Vietnam is one of the top ten nations with the worst air pollution in the world according to a study released during this year’s World Economic Forum. Pollution levels exceed…

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    First offline psychology session for single mothers in Hai Phong – the 3rd biggest city in Vietnam

    After the success of the meeting with single mothers in Ha noi last month, Coins for Change international volunteers with work and education background in Social Work and/or Psychology, have…

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