First session of mental wellbeing programme

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On Thursday 20th August 2015, we have had the  first session of the mental wellbeing programme led by U.K. Psychology graduate and intern, Sophie Raymont and co-facilitated by Elsa and Rose Foundation founder, Tang Thi Duyen Hong.

Participants were given the space to articulate what they would like to get out of the mental wellness programme, and their hopes for the first session and what they may learn in future sessions. The mental wellness programme aims to be shaped by the participants: their suggestions and preferences for session content will guide future sessions. Alongside Psycho-education, the mental wellbeing programme aims to promote a safe and positive environment in which participants feel comfortable to share experiences and gain strength from the social unity of the group.

The first hour long session educated participants about the four main elements of the self, namely the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The session used a range of techniques and activities to encourage participants to reflect on themselves and increase self awareness in a creative way. Participants were able to reflect on ideas of self love and self critic, and how this links to balance and health in each of the four areas of the self. At the end of the session, participants commented on how the session had helped and had offered new ways of thinking of themselves.

The next session shall be a follow up to this one and will explore ways to increase health, balance and self-love within


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