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5 easy steps to kick start your way into blissful single parenthood

Single parents are often afraid of asking for help and support! Yes, it is not ease to ask for help; and many rather struggle in silence than show vulnerability or weakness.  However, when single parents understand and accept that they too need practical help, assistance or support of those around them, they become conformable with themselves are able to ask for help when they needed it. Not being afraid or ashamed to ask for help allows single parents to connect with others around them and to blossom as balanced adults. And ultimately they would be able to enjoy peace of mind regardless their domestic hustle and bustle. To kick start your way into blissful single parenthood you could start by:

1 – Surrounding yourself with a support system

It is primordial for not only for your ‘survival’, but also for maintaining your sense of self. You can create your own social support network by involving your family and friends, also you can reach out to other single parents and/or to local single parents groups,  and  by joining and actively participate in online single parents communities.

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2 – Ditching the feeling that you are not doing a good enough job!Single parenthood - create moment with your kids

Focus on doing what is important for you and your children, not in being perfect!And stop feeling guilty or frustrated!

3 – Prioritize positive interactions with your children.

Rather than spending time cooking or cleaning up, you can invest that time in building precious moments and fun memories with your kid(s). Building a great relationship with your child means focusing on putting your love into action by doing what your kids need. Pay thoughtful attention to them and their way they see things. Get to know you children; talk to them, ask questions about their world, share house chores with them, ask for their opinion, their likes and dislikes. Get them involved, read with them, watch a TV program together, go for a walk, exercise together, share a hobby, have a date with your child, go to the movies, share a meal out, make a picnic, watch the sunset, make a cake or craft together, sing karaoke, sing alone, play video game and make conversation about the activity you are sharing as team and as family.

4 – Leave room for the unexpected and embrace the imperfect moments.

There are things (many in fact!) that are out of your control! So, don’t waste your energy and time in trying to ‘fix’ or ‘control’ them. Plan your day in advance, but and be open and prepared for adjusting to last minute changes. , that way you can always focus on doing the right things, and not on being perfect.

5 – Don’t neglect your ‘me time’.

Single parenthood - create me time

As a single parent is vital that you are able to have time for yourself. You can start by taking care of you, join a weekly yoga or an exercise class, and start eating healthy. Making time to be “with yourself” to just be, will help you to recharge and reset. It will boost your immune system and emotional wellbeing.
Meet with your friends for nice chat, or schedule social activities with them; keeping in touch and socialising with friends is also essential to keep a healthy emotional health. As single parent, life can be stressful and having a moment to share with friends can balance out the negative affectivity and tension you must have accumulated trying to juggle different roles and demands throughout the week. Connecting and sharing with friends would help you to avoid feeling isolated; it will give you also the opportunity to have some ‘grown up’ conversation and fun.



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