7 reasons you should become a volunteer

If you are interested in travelling while doing something meaningful for you and the others, maybe volunteering is for you. Since I’ve been here, I’ve met some volunteers who came here for many reasons. They can be student, or have quit their job to discover the world and find the meaning of their life by being committed in the coins for change project. If you are thinking right now about travelling in Vietnam for a long time, I give you 7 reasons to become a volunteer.

1 : You discover a new culture

By traveling and volunteering in Vietnam discover a new culture

When you become a volunteer at Coins for Change you have the choice to go in Hanoi, Na dang or Ho chi minh and then during your mission go in the different cities. That give you the chance to visit the cities and to leave as a Vietnamese. Indeed, you are leaving in a big house with other volunteers but also you live with several single mothers. You get immerged in their life, and their fight for the life they want. When you will come back from your mission, you will not only have the touristic point of view, but you will also have the real experience of the Vietnamese life.

2: You eat some delicious food

Vietnam is famous for its delicious food

All around the world, Vietnamese food is famous. Everyday Vietnamese, are buying  fresh ingredients at the market that they cook during the day. The Vietnamese food is based on fresh herbs, noodles, rices, and a lot of vegetables.

In the city, you will enjoy some delicious meals but by staying with Vietnemese mothers, you will also enjoy various fresh cooked meals every day !

3 : You make some new friends

You are meeting new people from all around the world

As a volunteer at Coins for Change, you will work and live with other volunteers from all other the world. It is a luck to also discover different cultures, new languages and open your mind.

4. You develop your skills

learn to teach english but you also develop some new skills

Coins for Change‘s mission is to provide some support to disadvantaged women by giving them psychological support, empowerment workshop and English lessons. Coins for change is always looking for volunteers to give some English lessons, but you can also work to develop the organization (marketing, event, build new programs). Whatever your profile is, you can find a way to be useful for the NGO while developing your own skills. As a student, this volunteering can be validated as internship. You will develop your hard skills but this experience will also be an amazing way to develop your soft skills. You will learn how  to be flexible, how to communicate, how to be a better listener, how be more autonomous, how to deal with obstacles and difficulties, how to be persistent. All these skills are valuable for your career, but also for your life.

Looking for a new experience valuable for your career or an internship ? Come volunteer with us.

5 : You will save money

travel without spendind to much money

Sometimes travelling can be very expensive. Indeed, you have to book your flight, find a place to stay, book some activities and buy some food. As a volunteer for coins for change, you will live in a spacious house with volunteers and moms for free and will enjoy the food cooked for lunch and dinner. You will also get a bus pass to go around the town. You will get the chance here to deeply discover Vietnam and Vietnamese culture without spending too much money.

6 : You become more grateful

You learn to appreciate what you already have

I don’t know where you from, but this experience is making me more grateful with my life, I learn to enjoy what I already have, especially as a woman. Indeed, every day you see these mothers taking care of their child, taking care of us and after that, finding the time to work and develop their skills to build a better future and to win their independency. This, is making me feel lucky and less grumpy about little problems that I have to deal with. And I’m sure that your time here will have a huge impact for the rest of your life.

7 :  You commit in a meaningful project

be part of a meaningful project by volunteering with us

Have you ever felt, that you had a lack of sense in your life ? maybe in the country you live, you have a job, a house, some friends but you don’t feel good because  you are struggling with the meaning of your life. I think helping other people, is a good way to feel useful. When you come to work in the Ngo Coins for change you will see that you can be involved in a meaningful project as you can help women and their child.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it to someone who is planning to go in a foreign country. If you want to join us as a volunteer, you can find more informations here.


By Gaelle Gimet

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