Accessories making class for single moms in Dong Anh district, Hanoi


Accessories making class is among the vocational trainings provided by Coins for Change to disadvantaged women. They are single mothers who could not find work elsewhere because of the social stigma attached to unmarried motherhood as well as the difficulty in finding affordable childcare during working hours.


From October to December 2015, the training was open to 20 disabled single mothers in Dong Anh, Hanoi. Twice a week, they gathered at building to learn how to make accessories as handicrafts. Under the instructions of C4C’s staff, the single moms were able to make various types of products, from headbands, bows to hair clips. Out of 20 participants at the beginning, 7 best trainees were selected and are working for Elsa&Rose clothing brand.


Elsa&Rose (E&R) is a fashion brand, one of Coins for Change’s projects, where the most skillful Vietnamese single mothers who received trainings are employed for the production of clothes and accessories. E&R’s fashion designs are inspired by the life stories of the single moms in Vietnam with each product carrying the message of love and bond between mothers and daughters.

By buying your fashion accessories from us, you are supporting a social enterprise that keeps these women employed and enables them to care for their children. Let’s together keep these disadvantaged women empowered.

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