Art Space for disable single mothers

Since October 2015, we have created a new group working with disabled women, primarily using the medium of art to facilitate expression and creativity. The group now has a regular group of women who attend each week.

We experiment using various techniques; drawing, painting, dimensions, movements  we facilitate these women to research different levels of perception and personal expression. We also aim to widen their knowledge of traditional ‘art’. In showing them art from around the world, both modern and classic, we aim to encourage them to consider their own opinions about what they like and why; to learn about different ways to use art as an expression. During those sessions, we try to bring an artistic openness, through the study and reflection on various pieces of art. From Vanuatu’s water music to New-York’s street art, we aim to develop an opinion towards arts and concepts.  But above all, Cialis vs Viagra – two… we wish to arouse the curiosity and interest for the world’s different cultures and techniques.

Our first approach is to encourage the women to see art in a more abstract way. Rather than using more literal objects such as flowers or smiling faces, we try to break art down so they can express using a range of forms. Initially we have begun with using colours only to show emotion for example. This has now developed into using colour, texture and movement.

The purpose of this approach is to let the women explore their own experience of emotions using various mediums and concepts.  We hope this may enable them to develop a personal and perhaps universal language to express themselves. We encourage this further through generating discussion and dialogue throughout the process.

In the long term, we want to build their confidence in being creative and expressing themselves. We hope this will develop into a way in which these women can find their usually suppressed voices and let them be heard. However, more importantly, we hope that these women’s expression, art and voices will be appreciated their own right, rather than just being labeled as ‘disabled’ women’s art.

Despite the language barrier we’ve managed to create a gentle but powerful space of creation where  confidence grows a little more each Monday for both the women and the facilitators; a fascinating and ongoing process.


by Claire Delhumeau

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