Being a women and a single mother – a western point of view


Gender equality comics and cartoon contest march 2016 Vietnamese Women Museum

I decided to take three months break from my routine and I found this great project and this organisation COINS FOR CHANGE VN .

To help women and their children seemed a good challange for me.

I didn’t know a lot about  this project; to help women , mothers, single moms, I didn’t know exectly what I  could do for them and how to help ;my background is not in psychology or social services.

I also didn’t know what kind of problems a mother , a single mother  face in Vietnam….  There are single mothers all around the world and they can manage their status very well.

But soon as I arrived , taking to HONG, I understand that being a woman and a single mother in Vietnam is totally different from  being a  woman and single mother  in other countries. I’ve learn about traditional practices  saw how women conditions are  and heard stories that no one can even imagine can happen in the 21st century.

Despite the fact that women have an important role in the society  and despite the fact that vietnamese women played an important role during the war, actively contributing to the creation of the new nation, they are still considered  B series citizens good only to procreate…. Preferably a male child.

Being a single mother than , means being a not classified citizen that has to wear a scarlett letter forever.

In the  time of global citizenship , of equality of genders no matter what it is, such differences should not be considered as differences but as peculiarities.

Girls, being a woman and a single mother is not a sin it’s  a plus…

Sorio Ludmila 

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