How to manage your stress when you are a mom

Stress is part and parcel of our life! Especially moms, and especially single moms, who constantly deal with lot of things at the same by themselves feel overwhelmed and stressed. And as results of being overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, you experience frustration and anger. Dr. Adry Ortega one of our Volunteer at Coins for Change, is sharing her expertise in wellness and personal development and a small team of volunteers are developing a stepping stone wellness program consisting in activities to help  women to learn how to manage and release their daily stress and  take care of themselves. In this article she shares a few steps that can help to manage stress related to our wonderful but chaotic single motherhood.

1-Set up a support system

Find support to manage stress






A good environment is the key to feel less alone when you feel overwhelmed. You need to have someone to:

  •  Ask others to help you
    • with watching the kids while you run some errands
    • taking care of the kids or completing the housework
  • Talk to someone when you feel overwhelmed.



2-Plan/ Organize and Prepare

Plan your day to manage stress

To keep control of the situation you need to plan, organize and prepare.

  • Plan your day in advance
    • Use a planner/calendar, make do list, to keep track of your daily tasks and important dates
    • Plan out what you need to do for the day. You can do so before going to sleep at night or early in the morning [while the kids are a sleep]
  • Prepare/Invest some time preparing in advance what you need to complete your daily tasks.
    • Identify the most important things you need to get done
    • Stick to your to do list
    • Start by completing the tasks that take the least of your time
  • Take breaks
    • Include time to refocus during the day
    • Set an alarm for 10-15 break time very hour.
    • Only check chat on WhatsApp messages, check and update Facebook and emails when you are on a break
  • Make good use of your break time
    • To take a deep breath, look at your list and strikeout the things/tasks you accomplished/ completed
    • Checking/updating WhatsApp and Facebook messages
    • Drink water
    • Go for a short walk, Play short games, meditate or do breathing exercises

To be organised to manage stress

When you are prepared and organized you

Save Time

Have less to worry about  ->less stress

3-Maintain a daily routine

Having a daily routine makes it easier to manage stressful they follow everyday:

  • Create structure for you and your children  
    • Schedule meals, chores, bedtimes, family or social functions at regular hours. In this way you and your kids know what to expect each day.
    • Schedule in time for your children during the day to spend quiet time playing, reading, going for a walk, or simply listening to music together

Build up your relationship as a family and as a team.

  • Take time for yourself:

Take time for yourself to manage stress

Schedule a time during the day to do something you like. For example for reading a book, chatting with a friend, watching a video or program, going for walk, taking a class…

4-Stay positive.

Despite all the rough time and frustrations; it’s important to maintain a positive attitude, because your children are affected by your moods.

  • Exercise
    • Go for a walk in the park or around your neighborhood
    • Create an exercise routine and start eating healthier
    • You can find in You tube fitness and yoga videos of 7 minutes to fit in your busy day
  • Meditate daily
    • Find a place where you feel comfortable
    • Sit quietly in comfortable position and close your eyes
    • Breathe slowly…
    • Breathe in and hold your breath for 5 seconds. Release for 5 seconds and repeat. Do this 3 times
  • If your children are around during your exercise /meditation time they can join in
    • Spend quality time with your childrenget your kids involved to manage stress
  • Reinforce health living habits.
  • Share some of your feelings/doubts with your support group
    • Write journal or blog or in a forum or like  Online single mom village


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