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Mental wellness program : 20th of august meditation workshop

Last Saturday the 20th of august, we organized a meditation class at Hanoi, Tay Ho House. This class is part of the mental wellness program  that we are developing for the women. You can get more information on the wellness program here.

We are a few volunteers working to develop that program by proposing some activities as meditation. We choose this topic, because we know that practicing meditation regularly can help women and especially single mother  who are most of the time overwhelmed by all that the have to handle. Medidation is recognized to help you to manage your emotions, release your stress, improve your sleep and essay-it increase your energy. Your mind is clear, you can learn how to deal with your thoughts . We wanted to share all this benefits  to our community.

Adry Ortega, our doctor in Psychology was hosting this workshop Saturday. From Venezuela, she works as a Researcher in Malaysia and coaches people to meditate. She came here to design a program conceived to train women to be awared of their strenghts and give them tools to manage difficult time. Saturday she shared with us her vision on meditation and how she practices it.

The workshop started at  10 pm Saturday morning, a little group of 10 people (volunteers, single mothers, C4C staff) came to the workshop. At the beginning of the class, Adri explained us what is  meditation, how it works , why it is good to practice,. Then we made a first exercise to apply what she explained to us and then we meditated for 8 minutes.


For Beginners 8 minutes could be very long, some of the participants were used to medidate but others were totally beginners. For example while meditating the most difficult part is to manage to let my thoughts come and go. Sometimes, i let my mind go away thinking about something. Meditation is a good way to train you to come back to the present moment. Adry managed to make us felt confortable and ready to medidate thanks to the music and the atmosphere of the room. After the meditation , she kindly replies  to our questions and give us some advises to practice on our own. After the class we shared some refreshments made by one of our single mother Bich.

mental wellness program


We want to organize more events around wellness and self development to help the more women possible to become independant and happy, if you are interested to participate you can check our nex event here


Participants testimonies :

Joanne a volunteer at c4c

“The introduction to meditation class led by Adry was really good. She was very good at explaining how energy flows in the body and how individuals can control this energy. The workshop was conducted in a beautiful setting. We sat on big mats on the roof terrace; fresh flowers and candles made for a lovely atmosphere. Increasing numbers of people are beginning to practise meditation and see the positive effects of it on their mental wellbeing. Adry’s workshop was very useful in giving me the basics, and now I feel that meditation is something that I can do if I wanted to”

by Gaelle Gimet

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