Our humanitarian day with Vietnam Backpackers Hostel

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This mornimg i went to the Vietnam Backpackers Hostels to take the money from the fund raising we organized exactly one month ago. Thanks to this event we raised arount 1200 dollards which is a lot of money here in vietnam. It was a amazing experience and we feel very grateful that the Vietnam Backpackers Hostel choose us for the humanitarian day.

Indeed, every year on the 19th of August, the world humanitarian day reminds us the need to be committed to help people less lucky than us. It is also a day made to honours those who works to support the disadvantaged one. This year, for this day, The Vietnam Backpackers Hostel organized a fund raising to support our organization Coins for change. . Thanks to  generous Backpackers contribution, we will support children to go to school  and women to go in vocational training. Lets go back to this amazing day we had at the fund raising.

At the beginning of the story

This beautiful partnership starts with Debra Bakker and Marie-Anne Palces both of them from Australia, sitting at the same table in a Pub and starting chatting. Debra is marketing and business consultant for Coins for change, Marie-Anne, marketing and sales manager for the Vietnam Backpackers Hostel. They decide quickly to meet again with our founder Tang Duyen Hong to organize a fund raising for the humanitarian day.

The Vietnam Backpackers Hostel

The Vietnam backpackers hostel provide rooms, food and also travel services to young travelers around Vietnam. They are located in Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An. You can find single or private rooms for cheap prices.

Before The event we asked a few questions to Marie – Anne Palces in charge of the fund raising organization. We wanted to know more about the Backpackers Hostel and their motivations about the Humanitarian day.

C4C :  In Vietnam and in other countries you can find lot of traveler hostels, what makes your identity?

img_0611VBH : Our hostel was one created by backpackers, for backpackers. We take pride in knowing exactly what our travelers are looking for in a hostel experiences and going above their expectations. 

C4C : What would you like to say to worried novice travelers?

VBH : While traveling typically means stepping outside your comfort zone, it’s also guaranteed to be an incredibly rewarding and educational experience. Take the leap, you won’t regret it.

C4C :What 3 things are you most proud of about Vietnam Backpackers Hostel?

VBH :  We care. Our staff at VBH are here because they’re passionate about Vietnam, travel and have a genuine care for other travelers. As a result our team are constantly g
oing out of their way to ensure guests have an incredible experience while visiting this beautiful country.
– We’re a team. Working together and supporting one another is a key factor in the success of VBH.
– We don’t want to be like everybody else. Whether it’s creating exciting tours into untouched areas or going above and beyond with our customer service, VBH takes pride in being one of a kind.

C4C :What do you think about volunteering while travelling?

VBH : We personally think volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do while traveling. It’s an opportunity to share your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm,
while immersing yourself in a different environment and culture. It provides and opportunity for travelers to positively contribute to their host country while also gaining a deeper understanding of the world in a way that isn’t possible through ordinary travel.

C4C :On the 19 August we are partnering in an event in celebration of World Humanitarian Day.  What other exciting events have you got planned in the near future?

VBH : After the success of our hostel fundraiser on August 19th, our plan is to continue hosting regular fundraising events in the future.  Vietnam Backpackers hostel

C4C :What is your  opinion on the emergence of social enterprises, such as Coins for Change, which hope to little by little create a better Vietnam.

VBH : Any organization working to create a better Vietnam is an admirable one in our eyes. 

C4C :We’re so excited to be starting a new relationship with Vietnam Backpacker’s Hostel.  We were wondering why you’ve chosen to commit in  Coins for Change’s cause? 

VBH : It is an absolute honor to be working with C4C as your team is currently doing incredibly positive work to support single mother in Vietnam. We’re thrilled to have been able to raise money to help support your efforts and look forward to continue building our relationship. 

The Humanitarian day

This day was quite chaotic in Hanoi, we had a big storm, and it was still raining very hard on that day. We left the house early to work in a coffee place. We arrived in town soaked to the skin but alive despite the wind. After 2 hours of work on the wellness program,  we went to  the Vietnam Backpapers hostels at 5h30. The place was full of people (thank you storm) and Marie-Anne explained me that some halong bay trip had been cancelled so it was quite busy there, a goodthing for our charity day. The other fund raising partners arrived to install their corner in the hostel.

Vietnam Backpackers hostel

Indeed Alaysia Macpherson, who works with Marie-Anne Palces  settled some partnership with  1984 tattoo studio, Salon Van Nguyen and Tiger Beer to entertain this night :

Tiger Beer, rovided free beers for the evening

1984 tatoo studio, made you tattoos for donations

The Salon Van Ngyuen offered you  haicuts and manicure for donations.

A raffle draw  was also organized to win where gifts every  hour.



The fund raising started around 6 pm. To launch the event, I had to say a few words to explain the Coins for Change mission. Vietnam Backpackers hostel fund raisingI was a bit scared but I made it an joanne followed me later to make an announcement about the Coffee de Coco.

Indeed, as we work on launching our own brand of coffee, we were thinking that it would be a good idea to bring some at the fund raising. We manage to sell a few coffee packets during the evening.

Thanks to the coffee sales, we met a funny American guy who became our best donors during the evening. Beside buying coffee, he made also haircut and manicure. Maybe he left the party with a new tattoo ?

img_0621The evening went really well , each activity was full of people and travelers were very kind and open.

We left the party at 8h30 pm to catch the last bus, the evening was cool and quite, we went home very satify and happy of that special evening.

We plan to organize new project with Vietnam Backpaper Hostel, we will let you know what happens next.

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