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Wellness program : learning how to budget while baking 1/2

After the meditation workshop we had on the 20th of august, we hosted last saturday a new one which aimed to give basic budgeting hacks while baking. This is the part 1 of the follow up on our event. In their simplest forms, Part 1 is about money and Part 2 is about cake. This post is…
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Sapa Chronicles_ a teenagers campus

SA PA , a name that sounds so gentle , lies in the middle of the hills in the northwestern  VIETNAM. Green land and foggy skies turn  suddenly in the most colourful place in the world. We arrived there , early in the morning to learn about  different ethnics groups that live in this place…
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Video introduction to a new online mental wellness program

It exists different situations about how a woman became a single mother and every story is different. But at the end, they all suffer from that position. Indeed, nowadays a lonely woman with a child in Vietnam has to face numerous barriers: they suffer from social pressure and become more vulnerable. Because of their hard daily life,…
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Tet gifts delivery to disability single mothers in Dong Anh Hanoi

It had been the first week of a true Hanoi winter.  Schools were canceled due to the low temperatures and the rain fell relentlessly throughout the day and night. At the Coins For Change headquarters, we complained about the temperature drop, bundled ourselves in our warmest clothes and drank hot tea throughout the day. On January 27th,…
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7 reasons you should become a volunteer

If you are interested in travelling while doing something meaningful for you and the others, maybe volunteering is for you. Since I’ve been here, I’ve met some volunteers who came here for many reasons. They can be student, or have quit their job to discover the world and find the meaning of their life by…
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Making money while doing good – The 4th Asian Women Social Enterprise Confernce

From November 22nd to 24th, our Founder – Hong – has attended the Asian Social Enterprise Network conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Flowing is sharing from Nicky, one of workshop’s participants from Australia. BANGKOK — It was an unusual business conference.  No one talked of maximizing profits, and there were no dark-suited men among the delegates.…
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Meditation : My simplified but effective method

Last Saturday we initiated the pilot series visit this site for our wellness program at Tay Ho House. The idea was  that teacher assistants, single moms and volunteers associated to C4C Vietnam would join in together to learn a little about meditation and have lunch after, sort of like a team building event. Preparing for the meditation…
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Our humanitarian day with Vietnam Backpackers Hostel

This post is a guest post from Gaelle Gimet from This mornimg i went to the Vietnam Backpackers Hostels to take the money from the fund raising we organized exactly one month ago. Thanks to this event we raised arount 1200 dollards which is a lot of money here in vietnam. It was a…
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5 easy steps to kick start your way into blissful single parenthood

Single parents are often afraid of asking for help and support! Yes, it is not ease to ask for help; and many rather struggle in silence than show vulnerability or weakness.  However, when single parents understand and accept that they too need practical help, assistance or support of those around them, they become conformable with…
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How to manage your stress when you are a mom

Stress is part and parcel of our life! Especially moms, and especially single moms, who constantly deal with lot of things at the same by themselves feel overwhelmed and stressed. And as results of being overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities, you experience frustration and anger. Dr. Adry Ortega one of our Volunteer at Coins for…
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