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Introduction to the first Global Citizenship Facilitation

Coins for Change (C4C) is at using the concept of The Global Citizens’ Initiative (TGCI) to promote the practice of global citizenship and build a values-based, sustainable world community. In the endeavors to build up the capacity of Vietnamese individuals to act as global citizens, we decided to bring about a network of language centers…
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Art Space for disable single mothers

Since October 2015, we have created a new group working with disabled women, primarily using the medium of art to facilitate expression and creativity. The group now has a regular group of women who attend each week. We experiment using various techniques; drawing, painting, dimensions, movements we facilitate these women to research different levels of…
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New Group session for Single Mothers at Secret Garden

We have started a new group session for single mothers, which runs each Sunday at the Secret Garden, an English Club that supported by C4C under it “Global citizen facilitation” program, developed and facilitated by a Clinical Psychologist from the UK. The sessions have three key aims. We hope firstly to build a safe space…
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Scholarship delivery

On the 22nd of August, we delivered scholarships to five children of disabled women. This will allow them to afford school equipment and contribute to a good start for this new scholar year. Thanks to our volunteers Teaching English and donating their wages to the program we are proud to support those brilliant kids

The economic benefits of cloud computing are especially clear

Are excited to bring new life into our uniforms as well as introduce new initiatives for our fans for the 2016 season, said team president, Chris Presson. Continue to grow and build strong corporate partnerships that allow us to grow the success of our overall business. Rattlers also announced a pre game celebration on the…
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