Sapa Chronicles_ a teenagers campus

SA PA , a name that sounds so gentle , lies in the middle of the hills in the northwestern  VIETNAM.

Green land and foggy skies turn  suddenly in the most colourful place in the world. We arrived there , early in

the morning to learn about  different ethnics groups that live in this place : DAO, H’MONG and TAY.


A full immersion in the daily routine of those people  with the aim to realize a photo  exhibition to show tourists the BEAUTY OF SA PA

A four days training campus  with interviews and data collection , photo shooting and exhibition display.


There was  time to learn how to prepare indigo colour and to dye,


and  time to work all together to realize the best exhibition ever.

There was also the time to share fun with the locals…


and discover that … we are all teenagers.

We can live in a big cities or in the countryside but we   share  the  same traditions and the same values

This short intensive experience left in all of us a new point of view and the chance to break down the

boundaries of our mind  to set up a better  world.

by Sorio Ludmila 

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