Vui Day – the celebration of Vietnamese women’s social entrepreneurship

On 13th December 2015, Vui Day, the celebration of Vietnamese women’s social entrepreneurship was a success as the first time 9 female led social enterprises came together and added one’s own color to the complete picture of womanpower.


Under the sponsorship of World Bank, Vui Day is an initiative of Vietnamese Women Social Entrepreneurs Network (VWSEN) for creating an opportunity for families to come and have fun together and at the same time raising fund for the children in the mountainous areas of Vietnam.

It was a beautiful sunny day when some 1000 participants were attracted to Yen So Park where the event took place. No matter if they were with their families or just came as individuals, fun was distributed to all through games and art activities.


Coins for Change (C4C) brought to the day a showcase booth of all the products made by disability single mothers, a sale booth where participants could buy or make order. For entertainment, the last DIY booth was where fathers and sons learned how to make lovely little headbands or hair clips as Christmas gifts for mothers and sisters; or the whole families got together and learn how to make clothes out of paper. Later that day, the collective effort of families resulted in “Family Fashion show” where the family members wore self-designed outfits and went to the runway in front of judges. The show really brought family-together time for all the participants and received lots of applause from the audience.


Joining the event, C4C wished to contribute its part to the fundraising so that fun and happiness will be experienced by the poor children living in the high mountains of Vietnam. Also, we wanted to create opportunities for disabled women to meet their potential customers who would help to sustain their income.


Vui Day was not only a fun but also meaningful occasion when people made new friends and family bond was enhanced. The organizers succeeded in delivering the message of “Living, showing love, and bringing happiness to others”.

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