Elsa & Rose is a brand name that resulted from the Empowerment Plan program. Any single mothers who are accepted to our program will be train with flower making, embroidery, cooking, sewing skill, cooking, using art therapy method.


While the training program is only to help them focus on making things by hand and to forget their own sorrow, later on they can make all type of flower/fashion accessories or embroidery items during their free time at the Change houses.


Elsa and Rose are name of a mother and a daughter. It is chosen to be our product brand name in order to remind us a fact that almost of single mothers in Vietnam are living with their daughter(s).

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For centuries in Vietnam, traditional family values were accomplished by the fulfillment of traditional roles: the role of man and woman as parents. Vietnamese valued their traditional ideal of male superiority. Since the highest status in Vietnamese families is given to the man (father), he had absolute authority in the household. His position as the provider for the family was unchallenged. Because he provided the main source of income for the household, he was never expected to work in the kitchen or to cook. After work, he returned home and relaxed. As a head of household, he had the final decision in all matters, although he might consult his wife or children.


Having a boy in the family was a “must” because the eldest son would assume the duties of his father when he died. A family which had no son to continue the process was superstitiously thought to have disappeared forever.


In a patriarchal society, Vietnamese woman had limited rights and took a secondary place in the family. Women were brought up according to a strict discipline and have been traditionally less educated than men. They usually do not enter the job market outside the home. “Girls from birth were at a disadvantage”. Daughter is not considered necessary in heritage. “If you have a son, you can say you have a descendent. But you cannot say so even if you have ten daughters”. That’s the main reason why when a woman has a son, she is more valuable for the family in law than when she got a daughter. Divorce is, that’s how, more difficult and/or the possibility of a wedding is higher for unmarried pregnant girl.

“Elsa & Rose” currently is running by 15 women. Some of them are still single mothers, some re married. 3 core members are providing vocational training services for different groups of women including poor coastal/mountainous women, domestic violence victims, disability women and women with HIV around the country. Those trainees who successfully graduated from our training can later join the production group of “Elsa & Rose”, continue to build up a strong brand and to help themselves financially sustainable.


Ordering an “Elsa & Rose” products is helping our single mother become financially independent, most importance step toward self-sufficient. Please send an email to elsavytran@gmail.com if you would like to order any items from Elsa & Rose’s collection or sponsor a vocational training program for any group of vulnerable women in Vietnam.