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I just graduated but will receive my certificate later this year, can I still apply?

  • Professional English Teaching: In case you just graduated or will graduate soon, please apply or get in touch with us at so we can see what is possible for you.

    Note: this is not applicable to non-native English speakers, their certificate needs to be    from 2017 or earlier.


  • Volunteer English Teaching: a university degree is not required for the Teach for Change program.

Can I apply for this program if I don’t have a Bachelor degree?

  • Professional English Teaching: It is impossible to apply for our teaching program if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree.



  • Volunteer English Teaching: a university degree is not required for the Teach for Change program.

English language

Do I need to have a certification for English teaching?
  • Professional English Teaching: It depends on your educational background and your work experience. If you studied to become a teacher at the University, then you don’t need to have a certification for teaching. Otherwise, we prefer you to obtain a 120-hour online TEFL certificate.


  • Volunteer English Teaching: It is not required for volunteers to have a TEFL or equivalent certificate, though it is recommended if you plan to volunteer for 6 months or longer.

If I am not a native English speaker, can I still apply for the program?

  • Professional English Teaching: Please notify us of your nationality when you send in your application. The main criteria for teaching English full-time in Vietnam are a bachelor’s degree and/or TEFL certification, a high level of English, and a willingness to teach.


  •  Volunteer English Teaching: The only requirement for teaching is to be fluent in English language and willing to help students.

Is previous teaching experience necessary to teach English in Vietnam?

  • Professional English Teaching: While it is always helpful to have previous teaching experience and to be from a primarily English-speaking country, it is not required and won’t negatively impact your experience with us if you don’t/aren’t.
  • Volunteer English Teaching: The only requirement for teaching is to be fluent in English language and willing to help students.


Do I need to speak Vietnamese for participating in the program?

No, it is not necessary. Most schools prefer that you do not speak Vietnamese, and only speak English in the classroom. Knowing some Vietnamese will help you in your daily life outside of your classes, and you will be picking up more Vietnamese daily. Your Vietnamese teaching assistant will support you during your classes (depending on a location) and will likely help you to learn some Vietnamese basics before your classes begin.


Before Arrival


What kind of visa do I need to be able to teach English in Vietnam?

Before entering Vietnam, you will need to obtain a DN type (tourist) visa, regardless of whether you are teaching professionally or as a volunteer. If you plan on joining our Professional English Teaching program, we will work with you and the school to obtain a Work Permit after you arrive in Vietnam. If you plan on joining our Volunteer English Teaching program, you will likely only need a DN type visa, unless you plan on staying for longer than 3 months; we will consult with you when you apply.


When to apply

When is the best time for me to apply for this program?

  • Professional English Teaching: The Vietnamese school semesters start every May and September. We kindly recommend that you apply for our program at least two months before the start of the semester you would like to come, which will give us ample amount of time to match you with a Teach for Change school and help you with the visa application process.


  •  Volunteer English Teaching: For volunteers, we accept application throughout the year.



When is the contract signed? Before or upon arrival?

  • Professional English Teaching: Whether you sign your teaching contract before leaving for Vietnam or upon arrival, will depend on which school we match you with. Either way, you will get the exact information pertaining to your working hours, salary, meals, accommodation and more before applying for a Working Visa. All of this information will be stipulated in your contract.


  • Volunteer English Teaching: As a Volunteer you will receive The contract, before arrival.

My passport will expire in six months, can I apply for this program?

In this case, we kindly ask you to apply for a new passport first. One of the requirements for getting a Working Visa is a passport that is valid for at least a year before application.


What kind of documents do I have to prepare before applying for the work visa?

  • Curriculum Vitae (including work experience starting from senior high school, relevant teaching experience is preferred).
  • Copy of your passport. (Only the page of your personal information)


Which documents are recommended when I apply to become an English teacher in Vietnam?

Some documents could make your application easier, for example:

  • Copy of your Bachelor’s degree. This needs to be legalized. We’ll help you with the necessary steps to follow in the process of legalization.
  • A copy of a 120 + hour TEFL certificate
  • Proof of at least two years of teaching experience, for example, a letter of recommendation.
  • A digital headshot photo
  • Digital copy of Certificate of Police Clearance (DBS). This needs to be legalized. We’ll help you with the necessary steps to follow in the process of legalization.


After arrival

When/How will I arrive at my assigned location? Who will pay for travel expenses?

We will arrange your pick up at the airport and bring you to your apartment/hotel/homestay. If you must stay in Hanoi or Saigon for a few days, before traveling to your assigned province, we have volunteer houses where you can stay. We will pay for your travel expenses and cover your stay with us in Hanoi or Saigon.


Information about classes

What cities can I teach English in?

As a professional teacher or volunteer, you will be assigned to a Teach for Change location at Ms. Hong’s discretion, but your needs and wishes will be accommodated during the assignment process! Teach for Change operates in several provinces in central, northern, and eastern parts of the country; these are typically rural areas or small cities.

For larger cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, we only have small English clubs and private, in-home lessons hosted by single mothers; these teaching positions are only available for volunteers. 


Where will I teach? What is the work schedule like?

Teach for Change partners with public and private schools in multiple provinces, ranging from elementary to high school.

  • As a professional English teacher at a public school, you will teach classes of about 45 students, and likely work 24-40 hours per week (no office hours and with weekends off). If you teach at a private school, you will teach smaller classes; schedules will vary, but you should always have at least two days off every week.


  • As a volunteer, the facilities you teach at will depend on your location; you may teach at public schools, English centers, and/or private lessons within a home for local children (usually facilitated by a single mother). Volunteers typically teach classes of 8-15 students aged 4-14, and have at least 2 days off every week.

Do I need to prepare teaching materials?

The schools should provide outlines and general teaching materials. Once you arrive, you will be sent to the living accommodation prepared for you; depending on the location, you will receive some light training with the general teaching materials.

For professional teachers: Before leaving for Vietnam, it is recommended that you prepare one demo lesson. You will be allowed to observe the classes of other teachers/volunteers, after which they may ask you to give a demo lesson to show them your teaching skills. They will give you advice after your demo lesson.


Will anyone assist me during my class?

Yes. While you teach, a local Vietnamese teacher/teaching assistant will assist you. Once you are assigned to a school/location, you will be introduced to the local coordinator, and you can ask that coordinator more specific questions about lesson plans, schedules, etc.


Can I change to a new school/location if I have problems in my current one?

Yes, it is possible for us to relocate teachers who, for any reason, cannot complete their contracts with their assigned school. Please inform us as soon as possible if you need to change locations, because we will need 2-4 weeks to arrange it.


(Professional teachers) Is overtime work mandatory?

Before you start working, you will be given a work schedule. In the case that there is a miscommunication and they assign you extra work, or you are assigned unwanted overtime work, don’t hesitate to refuse or ask for extra payment from the school. If necessary, you can always contact us in Hanoi. However, please understand that Vietnam does not always foster a formal, professional environment; we always try our best, but work schedules will depend on many factors.


(Professional teachers) What happens if I get sick? Can I take a day of sick leave?

If you become sick and can’t attend work, please contact your coordinator at the first available moment to inform them about your situation. The number of days allowed for sick leave will be written into your contract.


(Professional teachers) Can I stop my working contract early in case an emergency happens in my home country and/or I need to leave Vietnam?

The company and the school will terminate teaching contracts on a case-by-case basis.



General Information

Can couples participate in this program and teach together in one school or city?

We welcome couples to join our program; some of our schools do prefer to invite couples to teach. It is possible for us to arrange for couples to teach at one school or in the same city, as well as arrange an apartment/private room for them.


Is it possible for me and my friend to work in the same school or the same city?

Yes, it is possible. Many of our schools need at least two teachers. We will do what we can to arrange for you and a friend to teach together, as well as arrange for an apartment or private accommodation. We will make it as convenient for our teachers/volunteers as possible.


Are there any ‘hidden’ fees to join this program?

Coins for Change does not ask for a fee from their candidates. C4C was commissioned by the schools in its Teach for Change Network to recruit, select and prepare qualified teachers to be employed in Vietnam. When the candidate arrives in Vietnam, the school will be in charge of helping them with their requests and possible problems, though we will always be available to support both our teachers/volunteers and schools.

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