No 25 Alley 18/163 An Duong Vuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam

Her Academy

Who is her?

Hong (C4C founder) and Hoang Anh – COO of the Center for Consultancy on Family Health and Community Development – a VNGO. The two single mothers both have skill and experience in parenting and have gone through a long journey to become an independence, confidence single mother in this old traditional culture of Vietnam.

What do they teach?

Difference online course and offline meetings to help Vietnamese women in their journey to self-discovery, self-nurture and self-expression in parenting.

Why is parenting ?

We want to lead the change in raising children for Vietnamese woman. It has been a long time that education for children under three is generally provided by grandparents, parents and nanny, who think that “children are too young to learn anything” and raise them based on traditional know-how. Relying on these “home practices” has caused various problems.

General information

Her Academy is a line of online parenting course taught by single mothers in Vietnam. Her Academy was founded through the Empowerment Plan, a C4C initiative to provide opportunities for disenfranchised single mothers. Through our online training courses for mother with a holistic approach of the whole- self, we want to change the perception of millions of parents on the way they raising their children. Moreover, with online course, mothers (especially single mothers) can access to anytime, anywhere with affordable cost, which help them save time, money and efforts.

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