According to the General Statistics Office, in 2011, Vietnam had 14,782,000 students of all levels and the population was 87.84 million.  Statistics from the Publication Department as saying that the whole publishing industry in 2012 published 301 million copies of books, including textbooks. The average number of books per person was 3.4 books per year. Without 226 million textbooks, the total books published were only 75 million copies. The average number of books per person fell to only 0.9 books per person.


An official from the Ministry of Culture – Sports – Tourism said that compared to other countries in Southeast Asia, the proportion of people reading books in Vietnam is quite low. On average, Vietnamese read 0.8 books per year (less than one book). The rate at public libraries is 0.38 books per person. Rural children read 0.2-0.8 book/year compared to 5 books per year for urban kids.


In Vietnam, the average price of a children’s book in English is half the cost of a public kindergarten tuition fee. Children in Vietnam therefore hardly have access to any English books.  In one of the poorest province of Vietnam as Nghe An, books generally and English books specifically are considering as “luxury items” for any kids.



Coins for Change Vietnam is collecting English books from around the world in order to build a community library for children in Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province, starting September 2017.

Our goals are:

  • To help all children in town have books to read regularly, building reading habit and active learning;
  • Increase awareness of the importance of reading books for kids and with kids;
  • Nurture imagination and active learning and open the door to different culture;
  • While organizing weekly events to promote readings and strengthen connection between parents and kids: stories time, reading contest, playing time, workshop for kids and parents, etc We also aim at promoting the real connection between parents and children,



  • Donate your (old) books to Change Library
  • Ask your friends to do so, too.
  • Help connect us with organizations that can sponsor books or provide funding for shipping cost/ operation cost/library management software, etc.


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