No 25 Alley 18/163 An Duong Vuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam

Teach For Change

Change the fate of Vietnamese women in the field of education

The “Teach for Change” program aims to support Vietnamese women in business, who work in the field of English education.
Our vision is to improve and expand English language education in Vietnam, and plant the seeds of linguistic and cultural understanding that will set students on a path toward personal and career development, diplomacy and success in international business.

Our Mission

Ultimately, our mission is to serve low-income urban and rural families through educational programs, and bridge the gap between urban and rural students. In order to do so, we aid these provincial public schools and female-led English learning centers in rural areas through a holistic approach including:

  • Business Training: We hold workshops to train businesswomen in concepts including cross-culture communication, marketing, customer services, HR management, supervision and leadership, and more.
  • Business Networking: Closed working group, Coaching & mentoring;
  • Integrated Human Resourcing: Onboarding & Foundations; Growth and Empowerment, Offboarding & Exiting;
  • International Recruitment: By hiring individuals from Western countries as volunteer or professional teachers, Teach for Change program supports partner schools and low-income urban and rural families through low-cost, accessible English classes and other educational enhancement programs.

Teach for Change aims to be successful in all of its programs. We provide the good quality service to our partner schools in Vietnam with the help of its strong network made up of international teachers and volunteers.


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