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A TEFL certificate will likely be required when applying for a Work Permit. We kindly advise our professional teaching program applicants to take a 120-hour TEFL course, which can be taken online or offline.

Why take an (online) TEFL course?

  • It will prepare you and give you the necessary building blocks to take on a TEFL job abroad.
  • An internationally recognized TEFL certificate will increase your chances of finding a job abroad.
  • A comprehensive TEFL course boosts your confidence and makes your first teaching experience less stressful.
  • Boost your earning potential by completing the industry standard of 120 hours of TEFL training or more.
  • Take your TEFL course with an internationally recognized and accredited provider.
  • We’re collaborating with a TEFL course provider (see link below) that received great feedback from our earlier candidates. Mentioning that you are applying through Coins for Change Vietnam will give you a great discount!

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