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Volunteer for change


Teach and Assist other full time English teachers at our Female leading English Schools with:

  • Organizing cultural exchange activities;
  • Facilitating English at our clubs, schools;
  • Supporting Vietnamese teachers to improve their English speaking ability;
  • Teach other subject such as Art, Music, Dance, Math, Geography; Chemistry, etc depending on your skills;
  • Teach other living skills for students at charity schools or for Ethnic minority students;
  • Conducting environment conservation activities;
  • Supporting farmers with farming and husbandry in surrounding villages, etc



We offer international volunteers an experience of a lifetime. We provide people from all over the world with a comfortable ‘home-stay’ in a lovely area of different provinces in Vietnam. Volunteers are fully supported and live within a ‘family’ situation at the house with other volunteers OR with single mothers and their babies and staff from the organization.

Volunteers have the opportunity to learn to cook or observe Vietnamese food preparation and cooking; explore the city and region on days off; learn Vietnamese; and be immersed in the Vietnamese culture.

International volunteers live for free at the houses in return for a commitment to facilitating English classes (and other activities suite their expertise). Volunteers are asked to prepare for a commitment to about 18 working hours per week. English teaching books and lesson plan on  dropbox will be your resource and you will be able to prepare for your lessons with your coordinator during the day.

You will have a private room with basic facilities including Wifi, laundry and a kitchen, though you may need to share with other volunteers from time to time.

Food will be prepared by our staff, though you are asked to prepare breakfast for yourself since we wake up at different time in the morning. Vietnamese foods are amazing so we encourage you to practice cooking by supporting our staffs.

Monthly stipend is provided by all schools in Teach for Change Network.



  • Make a life changing opportunity for the kid that you teach;
  • Take part in a humanitarian action to help single mothers in Vietnam;
  • Work in a dynamic team;
  • Meet young people from all over the world;
  • Learn and exchange information from different countries, cultures, backgrounds
  • Have a lot of fun!


  • Participate actively within the program
  • Enjoy yourself by being a team player
  • Show interest and responsibility during program
  • Understand that a lot of time will be spent with local people who do not speak English very well
  • Speak slowly to English beginners
  • Cooperate and work closely with the volunteer coordinators and staff – if there is a problem please talk to the Manager about it with a proposed solution
  • Realize that the living conditions are not the same as at home – there is sometimes no air-conditioning, no easy access to international phone or internet except at all cafes, transportation is by motor-bike, bus or taxi and there may only be limited hot water for showers.



  1. Please send email to our program manager at with a digital headshot photo and scan first page of your passport.
  2. Make an appointment with us through e-mail and prepare yourself for the interview. Our Manager’s skype is: tangduyenhong
  3. Start with gathering the necessary documents and send them to us as soon as possible.
    In case your Skype interview was successful, we will send you a list with documents to prepare so that we can start to match you with a school as soon as possible. Once you were matched with a school, we together with the school will apply for your working visa from the Immigration office in Vietnam.

✓ Wait for a match

Once Coins for Change received the requested documents from you, we will match you with an appropriate school in our Network.  You will be guide to book a cheapest flight ticket to Vietnam and send it to our program manager.

✓ Wait for a working visa

After you got matched with a school, we together with the school will apply for a working visa on your behalf at the Immigration office in Vietnam. Normally the process should take around 2-3 weeks.

We will send the invitation letter for working visa by email.

✓ Get Visa on arrival

After you receive your visa to go to Vietnam, our staff will get in touch with you for departure training or they will send you a departure preparation email.

Our coordinator will pick you up at the closest international airport. Accommodation will be provided when you arrive. In this time you can take a rest and recover from your journey.  When you’re fully rested you can visit our coordinator who will take you to the school that you will be teaching at.

✓You’re ready to work!
Our coordinator will help you with getting Vietnamese sim card and finding your way around in the first couple of days.

✓ Stay in touch

It’s important to stay in touch with C4C during your Vietnamese adventure. Keep us posted, so if necessary we can help you out and of course we like to hear your stories!


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