No 25 Alley 18/163 An Duong Vuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam


Starlight is a as well a product of the Empowerment Plan program.


It’s first started in 2015 with an idea to support single mothers with small revenue source by selling English Classes, facilitated by International Volunteers, to the lower socio-economic class in Hanoi and Sai Gon.  The single mothers host English classes at their house.  The customers are children of their family, friends and wider network.  The revenue stream is sourced from local Vietnamese who pay for the English lesson packages.


2016 onward, we expanded the program to other group of vulnerable city women such as migrants, women with low income or unemployment to join the program.

A small center was opened in Quynh Luu – a vulnerable coastal town of Nghe An province with a clear vision: To build the ability for change for Vietnam’s next generation with target to lower children class.


Starlight is having 2 special programs:

  • English training program that enable them to learn English and exchange culture with international volunteers (04 – 16)
  • Special training program that help Vietnamese women (18 – 28) and teenagers (14 – 17) “Mastering your life in a rapidly revolving world”


Starlight is looking for Volunteers to support their teaching program, to apply for this program, please:

  1. Please send an email to with a digital headshot photo and scan first page of your passport.
  2. Make an appointment with us through e-mail and prepare yourself for the interview. Our Manager’s skype is: tangduyenhong
  3. Start with gathering the necessary documents and send them to us as soon as possible.
    In case your Skype interview was successful, we will send you a list with documents to prepare so that we can start to match you with a school as soon as possible. Once you were matched with a school, we together with the school will apply for your working visa from the Immigration office in Vietnam.
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