The Empowerment Plan is Coins for Change’s social impact program. It specially focuses on supporting single mothers who are victim of domestic violence and teenager inexpertly pregnant. This program is financially supported by Teach for Change program.

The 2013 UNODC “Assessment of the situation of women in the criminal justice system in Viet Nam” acknowledged that 58% of women in Viet Nam experience some type of emotional, physical or sexual domestic violence during their lifetime. However, only 13% of abused women sought help from the justice system.
Unfortunately, violence against women is still seen as a private matter that takes place behind the closed doors, and there are significant shortcomings to investigate and prosecute domestic violence.


A new survey conducted by Vietnam’s General Statistics Office reveals that 70% of the country’s “secret abortions” involve teenagers aged 13 to 19. Some 6,000 teen abortion cases were reported in Vietnam annually, according to the General Office for Population and Family Planning (GOPFP) in 2015. Vietnam is having the highest abortion rate in Southeast Asia – 18 cases per 100 live births, according to figures in 2012. This is also among the highest worldwide.

Sex selection, financial hardship, concern for the mother’s life, or a teenage girl not ready to be a mom — no matter what the reason, many Vietnamese women who terminate their pregnancies say they often have to face harsh judgments about their choices.

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Pro-choice activists worldwide have called for anti-abortion critics to stop the war against women and give them the freedom over their own bodies, but a pro-choice debate might not happen anytime soon here.


In a country where families’ issues are hardly revealed to outsiders, a woman’s abortion still often ends up becoming a whole neighborhood’s affair. She will be blamed for failing to avoid an unplanned pregnancy, and when she decides to have an abortion, she will be judged morally. It explains why many women who are determined to have an abortion tend to put themselves into unnecessary risks inside unreliable clinics and not many of them dare to become single mother, to save their baby’s life and living their life under gossip and stigma.

For those victims, we are a bridge from crisis to stability and self-sufficiency. With 3 different houses in 3 biggest cities of the country, we offers a variety of services intended to prepare single mothers and their children for positive, productive futures.

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Once volunteering with us, You can bring with you following things that you no longer use:

  • Children clothes/hat/bag, …
  • English book, toys, …
  • Things for new born babies,…
  • Women clothes and accessories

The Hanoi team will wash, iron and classify them into package for gender & age. We will delivery to those in need every month, together with our pregnant support program for single mothers who are at the latest stage of their pregnancy.

If you can’t come but willing to donate these items for our women & children in need, you can ship them to:

Coins for Change Vietnam

No 25 Alley 18/163 An Duong Vuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam