Our Change Forum is a virtual meeting place for all single mothers in Vietnam. The Forum is managing by 10 single mothers in diffident provinces of Vietnam and has thousands of members of all religions, ethnic groups, and lifestyles. The main thing that we have in common is our belief that a woman can successfully raise a child on her own.


We have chapters in most major cities of Vietnam. When a single mother joins us, she will receive access to a list of members in her area and basic contact information. They are free to discuss, contact and help each other if possible.


The Change Forum is a lively online 24/7 support group for our members. Whether a woman is thinking about becoming a Single Mother, or are trying to conceive or preparing to divorce; whether she is pregnant or is already a mother, she will find a most welcoming community here.



Forum discussion topics include every aspect of the SM journey. We have forums on thinking, planning, trying to conceive, pregnancy, and all the stages of parenting. We also have forums on practical matters, like dating, budgeting, dueling with stress/loneliness/, extended family, the workplace, and much, much more.


Our Forum is a great place to get online support and information from other members who are going through the same things as any single mothers are, and from those who have been through them already.


We do Facebook Live stream every Saturday or Sunday evening, where our single mothers share received sharing, advisory from other single mothers and experts/psychologist. We do need volunteers with skills and stories for this live stream program. If you having skills and willing to share yours, please get in touch by sending your request to tdhong@c4c.vn