CHANGE HOUSES are 2 houses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, where we host our single mothers at their latest pregnant period.



The beginning stage is devoted to introducing women and children to the Change house program and live-in accommodations.  It is here that staff begins to engage the women through introductory crisis support groups.  Children who come to the Change houses with their mothers also receive support with child care, healthcare when their mother doing house work or learning English with international volunteers.



Single mothers apply to the program via our well know single mother network (; ) be interviewed when accepted, committed to participating in the full program are assigned case workers and individualized program plans. Onsite childcare is provided so the mothers can fully embrace the program offerings. Our manager works closely with each woman to develop feasible steps and goals for accessing resources and future housing. They are provided with clinical counseling and group therapy necessary to combat histories of trauma and mental health. Women are equipped to attain competitive employment through the on-site adult education and job-readiness training provided by C4C’s partners.



Women who complete the program are prepared to transition into employment and safe, independent housing. This final phase is dedicated to job searching and securing housing options.

Each of the women who come to the Changes house is as unique as the circumstances that have brought them to us.  The generous support of volunteers, donors, and community partners allows us to provide life transformation for these families that are personal to their particular needs.


Each year C4C offer maximum support for 6 single mothers with a full year stay. The program provides a holistic approach including hospital fees, child care, housing/food, vocational training and job placement. Before attending vocational training, single mothers whose kids are less than 8 months are participating in all C4C activities, help with house work and learn English with international volunteers, making handmade products – which then be sale in our Change shop & provide cooking class for expat living in Hanoi and Sai Gon to raise some fund for their personnel expense.


The Change house program is not only aim at providing single mothers with a safe place to stay in crisis period of their life but also a plan to totally change their life after graduation. We hope to empower them to be successful and sustainable.

Once volunteering with us, You can bring with you following things that you no longer use:

  • Children clothes/hat/bag, …
  • English book, toys, …
  • Things for new born babies,…
  • Women clothes and accessories

The Hanoi team will wash, iron and classify them into package for gender & age. We will delivery to those in need every month, together with our pregnant support program for single mothers who are at the latest stage of their pregnancy be published monthly on our Change forum.


If you can’t come but willing to donate these items for our women & children in need, you can ship them to:

Coins for Change Vietnam

No 25 Alley 18/163 An Duong Vuong, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam


3 Hmong girls at new workshop