We started our “Teach for Change” program because non-formal, vocational training and other forms of education are much needed in Vietnam, especially for the unprivileged youngsters in rural and suburb areas.


This program works with a belief that it is not necessary to “do different things but do things differently” under the upcoming issues related to Education.


Taking flight in the end of 2015, we aim to be the home for all Vietnamese women entrepreneurs and leaders in education field. We value real case studies, honest and inspiring stories from Vietnamese women and girls at all stages of their entrepreneurial and leader journey, we aim change the face of Vietnamese women in education field, which then will change our next generation and the country in a long term.


Vietnam is a very old traditional country where women are set under man. Women are expected to do only house work why doing business is only for man. Women in business are facing lots of trouble including stigma and lack off supporting network.


The “Teach for Change” program is having a numbers of schools/clubs across the country. Coins for Change hold 15% to 65% – decision – making share at every schools/clubs. We provide our “Teach for Change” network members with Business training, Networking and mobilizing them International Volunteers to help improve their current business model and services. We ensure their success by connecting each of them in a closed working group and coaching, mentoring along with other official training and daily encouragement.