Teach for Change currently operating at following provinces:

  1. Tuyen Quang – Northern Mountain of Vietnam

Tuyên Quang is a province of Vietnam, located in the northeastern part of the country to the northwest of Hanoi, at the centre of Lô River valley, a tributary of the Red River. The delta formation in the province is called the Tonkin Delta.

We have a private primary school and an English center there. You will teach at our schools and there’re opportunities for you to apply whatever skills into other classes such as Math, Music, Art, etc. Volunteers stay in Volunteers house around our school and you have your private room always. School has all facilities and many support officers to help you with whatever related.

We do have another small house in district, where you teach ethnic minority children and at public school some days in the week.

The school is leading by Ms. Chu Thi Thanh.  Thanh was born in 1983 in a very rich family. Adopted her niece as her daughter, she became “single mother” since herself has never married. Although Thanh has never had to live in a financial difficult situation, she found herself many challenge rising up a daughter alone. Thanh is leading Le Van Tam – first and only private primary school in Tuyen Quang. Her story has been sharing widely in our network to inspire our startup ladies and single mother about leadership!


  1. Thai Binh – Vietnam’s biggest rice field

Thái Bình is a coastal province in northern Vietnam’s Red River Delta region. In the south, the intricately carved Keo Pagoda, a Buddhist temple, hosts folk festivals each spring and fall. In the north, the striking Tien La Temple is known for its singing performances and annual water procession. On the banks of the Red River, the ancient Bách Thuận garden village is characterized by fruit and bonsai trees.

Here you teach at public schools and at our English centre. You stay at the volunteer house. You have private room though you have to share with other volunteers from time to time.

Thai Binh is hosting C4C’s biggest team. New World Education founded in 2014 by Tran Thi Hong, an English teacher. The school joined Teach for Change Network in 2016 and currently sending volunteers to teach both at New World center and public Schools in Thai Binh.

Hong was born in 1975, graduated from Hanoi Foreign Languages University and has been teaching in Thai Binh since she graduated. Her goal is being part of improving and expanding English language education, plant seeds of linguistic and cultural understanding that set students on a path toward success in international business and diplomacy.


  1. Nghe An – Centre Coastline

Nghệ An is a province in north-central Vietnam bordering Laos and the Gulf of Tonkin. On the coast, Cửa Lò and Quỳnh Nghĩa are laid-back, white-sand beaches. Hoàng Trù and Kim Liên villages feature the homes where Ho Chi Minh was born and raised, as well as museums and monuments dedicated to the leader. Remote Pù Mát National Park is a sanctuary for endangered animals such as gibbons, tigers and Asian elephants.

We have 3 teams in that province.

  1. The Smart Link:

Is located at Cua Lo beach (11km from Vinh city), Smart Link is a small English centre that leading by Ms. Nguyen Thi Lien.

Lien was born in 1986 in Nghe An province. Currently teaching English at Nghe An Tourism College. Lien found the Smart Link in 2016 and joined our “Teach for Change” Network right away. She is teaching at college, managing Smart Link activities and shares her experience to any volunteers, who join her to gain more experience in teaching English. She wishes all Christian kids from her town to be fluent English and get more chance to study abroad.

You will teach at our centre and live with Lien’s family. You have your private room all time.

  1. The Asem Link and Viet – Sing Kindergarten

These are big private school located in Vinh city. We have an English centre and a Kindergarten (bilingual) here. The school is leading by Ms. Tran Thi Trang an English teacher now who wishes to provide her kids a better life by learning English at very early ages.

You will stay in the Teacher’s house with other full time teachers. The house is nearby our school and there’re staffs helping you with meals and so on.


  1. Bac Giang – City of folk songs

Located on the 2 important economic corridors with poetentials of land and mineral resources, Bac Giang has many favorable conditions to develop economy. In addition, this province preserves the special cultural and historical traditions.

Bac Giang is a province in the Northeast Vietnam. In the economic planning, Bac Giang is located in the North midland and mountainous region, since 2012, the province is located in Hanoi Capital Region. Bac Giang shares border with Lang Son in the north, Quang Ninh in the east, Thai Nguyen and Hanoi in the west and Bac Ninh and Hai Duong in the south. The provincial capital is Bac Giang city, about 51km far from Hanoi.

Our school in Bac Giang is managing by Ms. Trinh Thi Thu Hang. Hang was born in 1976 in Bac Giang province. She found the The Viet Education in order to bring a quality English teaching package to public schools in Bac Giang. As one of “Teach for Change” network member, Hang wishes to expand the chance for rural kids to learn English and exchange culture, ready to become a Global citizen in future.

Here you stay in a volunteer house and teach at public schools. Our leader is an English teacher and she help both in classroom and with lesson plan, class management.